About us

About us

First, we would like to thank you for visiting our site. Welcome to our universe of teaching languages ​​in the world. Here you can know a little about us. However, what we really want is that you come to know our school in person. It will be a pleasure to welcome you and introduce you to our team and physical structure. Everything was developed with great care to provide you, our student, with the best we have.

We are CCLS Language School Orlando - (Cultural Center for Language Studies), and these are the language courses we offer at our school:

  • Intensive English Course -18 hours week
  • Semi-Intensive English Courses - 8 hours week
  • English, Portuguese, and Spanish weekend course -2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Semi-Intensive Spanish Course- 4 hours week
  • Semi-intensive Portuguese course- 4 hours week

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Our methodology and teaching materials are unique. This is what we have been doing successfully for over 58 years. We are the most prepared school to teach you how to speak a new language.

We guarantee the fulfillment of the mission of contributing to the intellectual and emotional empowerment of each individual, making it extremely simple to communicate with people of all over the world, through effective language teaching with our own unique and innovative method capable of making learning very effective.


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It's based in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. CCLS was founded in Miami in the United States. The CCLS group has trained hundreds of thousands of students in our schools as well as in educational institutions in other countries. The CCLS group has over 800 affiliated schools worldwide. We have been in Orlando since 2017. Our school has a dynamic way of teaching languages. Academic knowledge and teacher experience with a permanent focus on student perspectives and needs.

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Our facilities are modern in order to provide comfort for our students and teachers with comfortable classrooms and multimedia technology. Our students benefit from a dignified, fun, and creative environment which gives them the pleasure of learning during the course of their studies.

Constantly improving our services by offering the best experience and all our knowledge to our students is a source of pride and joy for our school.

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Our teaching programs are fully integrated with current language usage. Our multimedia methodology includes authentic materials such as commercials, tv shows, print ads, newspaper, daily situations, and magazine articles presented in dynamic and communicative classes with students actively participating in all activities during classes.

All our teachers are qualified native speakers with extensive teaching experience trained in our methodology. Thus, providing students with satisfactory and fast learning results. We motivate students to go far beyond simply attending a language course. The students practice the lessons with a dynamic universe developed in our classes. Our teaching is high quality. It’s a refence in terms of methodology and didactic material for outstanding results.

Our courses offer extra class activities for further practice in our lab or at home in order to improve the students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Be smart and choose the best language school in Orlando.

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