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A free class is an ideal opportunity for you to prove the quality of our teaching method, which for over half a century has been teaching English, Spanish and Portuguese in many parts of the world.

During class, you will check how the natural language learning process happens. You will also get to know our books and all the technological resources you will have access to (tablet content, extra downloadable exercises and exclusive software to do the exercises).


How The CCLS Method Works

At CCLS, you prepare for a variety of everyday business or travel situations: asking and giving information, scheduling meetings and appointments, filling out forms, reading notices, shopping, and everything you need to communicate.

All classes are based on everyday situations with a fully embedded multimedia education system and conversational emphasis, you start using your new language in a short time!

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For more information about hours and prices, talk to us. It will be a pleasure to help you achieve your goals!

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