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About our intensive english course

Our intensive courses have a routine and structure for our students’ learning performance, while influencing the students' ability to focus on our class environment. Our methodology allows the students to see their own results and know that their goals are measurable, attainable, and realistic.


Our intensive English course consists of 11 courses. CCLS has exclusive and fully interactive teaching curriculum especially prepared by our publisher. Students have textbooks, exercise books with computer assistance, and the listening comprehension practice book. In addition to interactive digital material available only to our students, it also allows our students to practice at home in a practical and enjoyable way what they have learned in the classroom. CCLS students have free unlimited access to our language lab for out of class activities that will help them improve their listening, reading, pronunciation, speaking, and writing skills.

These 11 courses are divided into 5 levels. The course enables the student to learn to communicate in a formal, fluent American English environment with current and broad vocabulary.


Course levels

# Basic level

Course 1: TO THE TOP 1

Course length: 144 hours
(8 weeks)

Course 2: TO THE TOP 2

Course length: 144 hours
(8 weeks)

Course 3: TO THE TOP 3

Course length: 144 hours
(8 weeks)

# Low intermediate level

Course 4: TO THE TOP 4

Course length: 144 hours(8 weeks)

Course 5: PEC 5

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

# Intermediate Level

Course 6: PEC 6

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

Course 7: PEC 7

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

# High Intermediate Level

Course 8: PEC 8

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

Course 9: PEC 9

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

# Advanced Level

Course 10: MASTER 10

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

Course 11: MASTER 11

Course length: 144 hours (8 weeks)

About our methodology

The CCLS methodology is an audiovisual method that uses multimedia resources in carefully designed classes that provide simple, gradual, and natural learning. The student is presented in the oral form of the language before coming into contact with the written form exactly the way we learn the home language.

In the oral phase, the student is presented with lessons with everyday situations, which are interactively worked in the classroom targeting the discovery, understanding, retention, and use of content learned not only in situations similar to the lessons, but also in everyday situations. Having completely mastered the oral phase, the student comes into contact with the written phase, which ranges from reading and writing exercises to listening comprehension exercises, allowing the learner to master the four language skills: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.


How is the student's exam?

Evaluations are made through written and oral tests over the period studied. The exercises are also part of the assessment in the learning process. At the end of each course, the approved student will receive the certificate of completion of the course. The certificate is a result of the student's commitment to each stage.

About our placement test

The placement test is divided into two parts: written and oral. The written part is composed of items that follow an increasing degree of difficulty, according to the content blocks adopted in our courses. And the oral test confirms the student`s knowledge of the spoken English.

About our teachers

All of our teachers are qualified native speakers, carefully trained in our methodology and with extensive teaching experience, providing the student with a satisfactory and fast learning result. They motivate the student to go far beyond simply attending a language course, but also provide the pleasure to practice the studies with the dynamic universe developed in our classes. Our teaching is high quality. A reference in terms of methodology and didactic material for outstanding results.

Course information

We offer intensive English course with 18 hours per week, for more information about Intensive Course, please contact us!

For more information about hours and prices, talk to us. It will be a pleasure to help you achieve your goals!

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