About our homestay

You will never feel as if you were away from home with our host families from the very first day. You will enjoy all the attractions that will come to you in Orlando by sharing conversations, experiencing each other's favorite activities, or enjoying a movie night together. The host families will welcome you with the same kindness that you will be greeted by your family when you return from your trip.


Spending time with native speakers will encourage you to learn new words you didn't learn in the classroom and practice the ones you learned. You will make much faster progress while putting your skills to use with native speakers of all ages in a daily family routine. You will practice the language all the time and this will be essential for you to progress fast.

Routine with your host family will teach you a lot about the culture and traditions of the United States of America. You will also learn to respect and admire cultural differences. Not only will you return with new language skills, but hopefully, too, with a second family abroad, a true home away from home. While you live with your host family, you will be eating local food and getting to know the true character of the culinary culture of the country in which you are new.


The experience with a native family will give you great knowledge of local life. CCLS Orlando is a partner of Just Fabulous Care Corp, a company with over 20 years of experience in Homestay, a company that is specialized in hosting and accommodating students in American home family. Families are selected with the highest standard of rigidity and care to ensure our students are in safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. We also work with American Homestay Network, a worldwide company known for its tradition for hosting family.

Homestays are designed to foster deep and personal cultural exchange between host families and international students

The benefits of our homestays lay the foundation for a rich and successful life experience for a student who spends a few weeks in Orlando or several school years on an exchange program.


Greater cultural immersion

International students interested in having an authentic American experience, including food, entertainment, shopping, and sightseeing will do it all with their host families. Making the experience unique and unforgettable. The impact on the English language skills through daily conversations is immeasurable.

More support

Homestay guests benefit from the care and supervision of their host families full time.

Increased Security

To ensure each homestay is fully secure, our hosts must complete a comprehensive certification program, including home interviews, training, assessments, national background checks, and home inspection.