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Our own unique audiovisual method uses multimedia resources in classes carefully designed by our publisher that provide simple, gradual and natural learning, in which the student is presented in the oral form of the language before contacting the written form, exactly the way we learn the mother tongue.


Oral phase

In the oral phase, the student is presented with lessons with everyday situations, which are worked in the classroom interactively aiming at the discovery, understanding, retention, and use of the content learned not only in situations similar to the lessons, but also in everyday situations.

Reading and Writing Phase

Having completely mastered the oral phase, the student comes into contact with the written phase, which ranges from reading and writing exercises to listening comprehension exercises, allowing the learner to master the four language skills: understanding, speaking, reading and writing.



We are constantly focused on the evolution and the proper use of language teaching skills. Our teachers are rigorously trained to work out our methodology and can teach in ways that inspire our students to succeed and keep them motivated to their goals of being fluent.